Mathew Fleisch

San Francisco · (415) 497-9412 · · resume.pdf

My name is Mathew Fleisch, I am a Full Stack DevOps Engineer from San Francisco and I love working on new projects and features. Often times, this means fixing and retrofitting existing products first. Every development team I have worked for, from non-profits to Apple, have all had a finite amount of resources, whether that is infrastructure or developer time. Throughout my career, I have adopted Larry Wall's philosophy and will automate as much as possible, adopting DevOps principles before there was such a title/role. If a task requires human input, I will create a tool or UI that can allow someone closer to the data, to maintain it. This frees up developer time, and reduces the amount of communication necessary to complete common tasks within the organization. In order to optimize limited resources, this philosophy has helped me in each of my roles to maximize my impact on the team. I am also a firm believer that building scalable, stable CI/CD pipelines increases developer velocity and coupled with adequate testing coverage, can increase confidence in secure, scalable production code.


DevOps Infrastructure Engineer

Eaze · November 2018 - Present

I had been writing tools for other engineers, while on the back-end team at Eaze, and made the transition to the infrastructure team in November of 2018. In that time I have developed many tools for the engineering department. Focusing on CI/CD pipelines, load testing, and personal development environments, as well as immersing myself into the AWS ecosystem. The technologies I have been using on this team: bash, awscli, boto3, python, javascript, chef, circleci, buildkite, artifactory, ec2, elb/alb, s3, ecs, codedeploy, cloudwatch, cloudformation, terraform, vault, consul and kubernetes.

One of the projects I can talk about is an open-source bot I wrote, called bashbot. It is a chatops tool for slack, that uses a json configuration file to define custom commands. Written primarily in golang, it uses slack's real-time-messaging api to parse each message via regular expression. If a command is detected and matched to an entry in the configuration file, bash commands are executed pertaining to that entry. Sensitive commands are restricted to private channels, within the configuration file, and members of that private channel can activate that restricted command. Among other commands, a particularly useful command was set up to quickly and securely activate maintenance mode, when necessary. `bashbot maintenance up` and `bashbot maintenance down`

Back-End Services Developer

Eaze · March 2018 - November 2018

Working for a start-up means constantly adapting to shifting requirements while making forward progress. In the back-end services team, I have been able to create tools to automate business tasks and help to retrofit a young application to scale efficiently. I was mostly been writing javascript and c#/dot-net code.

Full Stack Developer

Apple (marketing) · May 2017 - March 2018

I was hired to work in the marketing department to maintain a sunsetting web application that was being rebuilt by another team. I made modifications to make the application more stable, secure and added logging for debugging purposes. I also expanded my role to help maintain an internal content management system.

Javascript Developer

Hitachi America · February 2017 - May 2017

I was hired for a short contract to work on an IoT analytics platform, using Javascript, NodeJS and Node Red. I wrote a user-interface in NodeJS to integrate an internal tool with Node Red to allow analytics information to be displayed about sensors and device status.

Full Stack Developer

Apple (finance) · September 2015 - October 2016

The Global Finance department at Apple created and maintained internal websites, to help facilitate secure communication and document sharing. The small team of developers primarily used LAMP Stack CodeIgniter, with some NodeJS/Grunt/Gulp/Sass optimization, for most projects, and Drupal CMS for others. Apart from other responsibilities, I wrote parallelized scripts to recover lost data for another team.

Back-End Developer

United Business Media (UBM) · November 2011 - 2015

UBM is a parent company of many conferences like Black Hat and The Game Developer's Conference. While at UBM, I developed an application to allow conference attendees to view the speaker schedule and save a personal itinerary. The Schedule Builder application is still being used by many conferences at UBM.

Staff Programmer

The Buck Institute for Research on Aging · June 2009 - 2012

Working with bioinformaticians gave me exposure to big data, automation pipelines and creating user interfaces that are easy to understand. I created web interfaces to enter large lists of genes, and various reports are displayed, based on research done at the Buck Institute.


Programming Languages
  • bash
  • python
  • golang
  • javascript
  • php
  • perl
  • html
  • css
Tools / Technologies
  • AWS (ec2, elb, asg, iam, s3, ecs)
  • circleci
  • buildkite
  • codedeploy
  • chef
  • jenkins
  • docker


  • bashbot - A chat-ops bot for slack.
  • html crawler -> api -> ui (javascript) · source · demo
  • Tetris (micropython) · source · mp4
  • NPM Top X Package Downloader (javascript) · source
  • Secure URL Shortener (php) · source
  • Rental Calculator (php/js) · source · demo


When I am not messing with computers in some way, I like to play music, read sci-fi/fantasy, travel and eat great food.

Tech: Along with programming I enjoy IoT projects and have built things with Raspberry Pi, Arduino (Morse Code Game) and have contributed to a couple open source projects (GitBunnyGit, TwoStageMac).

Music: I grew up playing music and have played in performing bands most of my life. Most recently I played piano and saxophone in the skunk pop band Our Vinyl Vows

Science Fiction/Fantasy: My favorite Authors are Robert Jordan, Brandon Sanderson, John Scalzi, Orson Scott Card, Daniel Suarez, James S.A. Corey, and Neal Stephenson. GoodReads Profile

Travel: I have visited half of the united states and went on safari in Tanzania with my wife.

Food: Whether we are in town or abroad, my wife and I love to eat delicious food. We will go to restaurants or cook various dishes inspired from our families and our travels.